We value a number of high-quality ingredients as well as a clear and comprehensive list of all components used in our products.


What belongs in good chocolate?

Excellent cocoa

We use a high-quality organic Trinitario from the Dominican Republic and Panama. The Trinitatrio for our Demeter chocolates also comes from the Dominican Republic.

Precious cocoa butter

A very expensive raw material, which should make up a substantial part of the recipe, especially for white chocolates. Most manufacturers of lower priced chocolates compensate for cocoa butter with cheaper raw materials such as powdered milk and sugar. This choice of method ultimately results in a loss of taste. The chocolate then tastes sweeter and the glaze (the figurehead of a high-quality chocolate) is less fine. Such an approach is out of the question for us. That is why you will always find a high percentage of finest cocoa butter in VIVANI chocolates.

Real bourbon vanilla

Also very expensive to buy, but excellent in terms of taste.


What should not be on the ingredient list?


This flavoring is produced synthetically and is used as an inexpensive alternative for real vanilla. It is a mere product of the industry, not a natural flavor.

Emulsifiers, such as soy lecithin

Emulsifiers are used for faster mixing of the individual chocolate components (cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder, etc.). This reduces conching times (which are essential for producing high-quality chocolate) by accelerating production and in return saving the manufacture costs. Conventional Soy Lecithin is considered questionable because it is often derived from genetically modified soybeans, yet it is still permitted worldwide. It is a purely technical resource, that essentially is not required for the production of chocolate.

Industrially refined sugar

There are a number of better alternatives to use in place of this ingredient. At VIVANI we use a high-quality raw cane sugar and a natural unrefined coconut blossom sugar. Most of these original alternatives still contain valuable minerals and antioxidants.

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