As an organic producer, not only are ecological aspects important to us, but factors pertaining to mankind as well. That is why we are constantly working to sustainably improve the systems for the people at the origin of our raw materials. Of course, we always take a critical and self-reflective view of our actions. We do not presume to know exactly what is better for the local producers. But we listen carefully...

Our cocoa comes from Central and South America: the Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador and Peru. It is grown 100% under controlled organic conditions and is also certified according to the sustainability and social standards of the Rainforest Alliance programme. This offers additional sustainability standards (climate-conscious agriculture / biodiversity) and strives for financial security for the farmers as well as a long-term improvement of the entire supply chain.

Our goal is to provide cocoa farmers, most of whom are organised in cooperatives, with a living wage and planning security. With this security, the cooperatives can better plan necessary investments, be it in the infrastructure or on the farms themselves. Rainforest Alliance organises training courses that teach the farmers the special requirements of organic farming and good agricultural practice. This enables them to increase their crop yields and thus improve their income.

Furthermore, price premiums for the fine flavoured cocoa grown in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador are significantly higher than the world market price for cocoa.

Unlike in the West African cocoa regions, exploitative child labour is not a significant problem in the countries of Latin America. The children usually attend school. Nevertheless, it is important to prevent this problem through targeted preventive work and to nip possible dangers in the bud. We have been doing this for years with our prevention project “KIDS for KIDS”.

In addition, we are currently working with our partners in the Dominican Republic on a programme for particularly sustainable cocoa, whose cultivation criteria exceed the already high standards of the Organic and Rainforest Alliance certifications. This programme will initially benefit a group of around 150 cocoa-producing families and focus on the areas of (re)forestation of the farms, training in organic farming and access to drinking water. Of course, the project also includes the payment of additional premiums. The implementation is initially scheduled for four years and will be closely monitored by us.

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