As an organic producer, not only are ecological aspects important to us, but factors pertaining to mankind as well. Hence, we guarantee our suppliers fair wages.

Through contractually regulated purchase quantities and fixed minimum prices, we guarantee the families of farmers the possibility of security planning and the proper space for necessary investment opportunities. As well as regular training in organic farming that enables cocoa farmers to be capable and productive, this in return increases their yield.

Our organic cocoa originates from Central and South America, more specifically the Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador and Peru. Typically, the farmers there are well informed as to the value of their product. In most partnerships, the farmers are regularly informed as to the current stock exchange prices. This enables them to be strong negotiators, and prevents price dumping from any dubious exporters. The solid income cocoa farmers receive enables them to send their children to school. As a result, the Caribbean cocoa regions are usually not a hazardous location for child labour and criminal exploitation.

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