For the packaging of our chocolate bars and couvertures we use a packaging material that can be recycled in an ecologically appropriate manner.

It may come as a surprise, but the film in which our chocolates are packaged, is actually not plastic, although it looks exactly identical. Rather it is NatureFlex™ which is a natural film made from renewable raw materials. It is a real packaging innovation that offers the same high level of product protection as PE film or tinfoil. Since it is produced on the basis of sustainably obtained wood fiber, it can be easily disposed of in local composts, or in a yellow bin where it can be properly recycled.

The paper wrappings and cardboard boxes of the chocolate bars are also FSC®-certified and printed with ink that is free of any mineral oils.



The film of your VIVANI chocolate is fully compostable and decomposes completely within 40 days. If no domestic compost is available, the film can be disposed like common plastic waste.

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