Nature provides us something precious, and we thank it with respect. That is why all VIVANI products are certified organic. Some raw materials comply with Demeter, Fairtrade, and other BSCI sustainability standards.

"Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more."

Vincent van Gogh



Preservation of soil fertility


Abandonment of pesticides


Prohibition of all genetically modified organisms



Strengthens plant defenses


Supports natural regulatory mechanisms


Preserves biodiversity


Increases soil fertility


Water remains pure


Natural eco-systems are spared


Reduces climate impact

Our approach

Sustainable Cocoa

from protected origins

We value sustainable cocoa and environmentally friendly packaging materials.

As the main raw material of our products, the origin and quality of our cocoa is very important to us. It is crucial for us that we ensure our products are cultivated only in sustainably managed cocoa fields. One of the cocoa varieties we use even complies with both organic and Demeter standrads. Having said that, we are not convinced of the advantages that additional Fairtrade certificates offer, due to the fact that they bring farmers only a small added value compared to their current situation, but require significantly higher costs at all other levels.

A question we are often asked is, “How can you ensure that all the people in your supply chain are treated fairly?” Our answer to this question is, “we can’t” and that’s just how honest we have to be. There is simply no easy solution to this problem, but rather a complex network of various approaches and programs set in place with continual goals to end these injustices. Not everything that we consider to be useful, does the farmer initially agree with.Here it is important that we understand one another, in order to be able to reconcile cultural differences, differing mentalities, expectations, and understanding of quality. This is the real challenge of our work, a true Herculean task.

Therefore we are constantly seeking a dialogue with our suppliers. It is only through this method that we can negotiate our needs to a mutual understanding.

There are still many things to do, and a lot of areas to improve upon. Some new meaningful concepts are already maturing in our minds…

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