The art of chocolate. This is what VIVANI stands for. Artistic designs that stimulate the desire for chocolate and inspire people to capture the uniqueness of the varieties in a special way.

You eat with your eyes first. Clearly it is just a phrase, but a phrase that holds a high degree of truth. As humans do we not like to be seduced, or do we not like to be captivated in the story a product has to offer; especially with a luxury food like chocolate? Pleasure begins with love at first sight. It is in moments like this where you stop and cannot pass by, a special charm of sorts.

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

Pablo Picasso

This is the essence of VIVANI. Bringing sweet happiness to all people who are able to cherish, delight and care about maintaining a healthy environment. For these people we invest all of our passion.