German Customer
Award for Vivani

Chocolates honoured for outstanding quality and value for money

Alexander Kuhlmann

© EcoFinia, Lisa Nieschlag

18 June 2024

'Outstanding' times for VIVANI. After winning the German Sustainability Award 2024, we were recently honoured with the German Customer Award 2024/25. The consumers who took part in the DtGV online survey honoured the quality and value for money in particular and even voted VIVANI number 1 in the "Cocoa" category.

The “German Customer Award”, initiated by the German Association for Consumer Studies (DtGV) for the fourth time, honours Germany’s best and most popular brands every year. This year, 2,221 brands entered the race and were assessed in the areas of customer satisfaction, quality and price/performance. Around 441,000 brand ratings were submitted by people aged between 18 and 82 during the survey period from January to March 2024. The results were then used to determine the top 20% brands across all segments, which were then awarded the “Outstanding” seal of approval. VIVANI scored as an outstanding brand in both the “Quality” and “Price/Performance” categories.

1st place in the "Cocoa" category

In addition to the top 20% brands, the best brands in each product segment were also honoured. Here, VIVANI came out on top in the “Cocoa – Price/Performance” category against competitors such as Caotina (2nd place) and Naturata (3rd place). “We are particularly pleased to receive this award,” says VIVANI founder Andreas Meyer, visibly delighted with the recognition of his life’s work. “Our goal has always been to make chocolate with the best ingredients and the highest standards of sustainability and social responsibility accessible to as many people as possible. Organic for everyone. Our brand promise has now been confirmed with this award,” says Andreas Meyer, expressing his thanks for the high level of customer confidence.

Challenging times for chocolate manufacturers

The situation is not easy for VIVANI at the moment. The chocolate industry is experiencing its biggest crisis in 50 years. The decisive factor is the unstable cocoa price on the stock market, which has literally exploded in recent months. The reasons for this are varied and complex: poor harvest forecasts as a result of climate change, immense global demand, environmental crime and unscrupulous speculators who are taking advantage of the situation are driving the stock market price of cocoa to dizzying heights. Cocoa as the new gold, a development with far-reaching consequences. “This is difficult to absorb in total. Price increases are unavoidable for us. Over time, this will affect all chocolate manufacturers – large and small. Chocolate will become much more expensive in the long term. Perhaps it was also far too cheap for a long time,” explains EcoFinia Managing Director Gerrit Wiezoreck and is therefore particularly grateful that VIVANI customers have recognised and appreciated the claim of ‘top quality at a fair price’ with their vote in the “German Customer Award”.

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