Black Forest Ice Pops | Recipe

Fresh ice-cream with fruity cherries

Katharina Kuhlmann

Roberta Dall Alba

19 July 2018

You probably know the famous German Black Forest Cake. This gateau made with chocolate, cherries, cherry brandy and a lot of cream is a classic and famous all over the world. Our today`s recipe is a Black Forest Cake as a popsicle. It’s without cherry brandy, so it’s non-alcoholic. And instead of cream we use Greek yoghurt – less calories, more freshness.


For 4 Popsicles

For the cherries:

200 g

fresh cherries (with stones)

1 tbsp

cane raw sugar

3 tbsp


a few drops

vanilla extract

a few drops

lemon juice

For the chocolate layer:

50 g

VIVANI Fine Dark 75 % Cacao

30 g


70 g

greek yogurt

For the white layer:

140 g

greek yogurt

a bit of

sugar (optional)


waiting / cooling time
4 hours

level of difficulty


Clean and pit the cherries. In a pan add cherries, water and sugar and let it caramelize. Add a few drops of vanilla extract and lemon juice to balance flavors. You should end up with syrupy deep red cherries. Let them cool.


For the chocolate layer heat the chocolate in a bain-marie to slowly melt it. Let it cool down a minute, add the milk and immediately whisk with a spatula to prevent it gets firmer.


Then add the greek yogurt and whisk quickly. You should end up with a sort of fudge. Set aside.


Take your popsicles molds and start layering 1 teaspoon of cherries, 1 teaspoon of chocolate fudge, 1 teaspoon of greek yogurt (white layer) and so on.


Freeze the popsicles for 4 hours at least.


Decorate with a drizzle of chocolate.



Thanks for this great recipe to Roberta Dall Alba from the Italian food-blog Healthy Little Cravings. We also love her fantastic cinemagraphs – real eye candy!

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