VIVANI’s first
Demeter chocolates

The new biodynamic product range launches with
three “Bean to Bar” varieties

Katharina Kuhlmann

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25 September 2023

Stark entöltes Kakaopulver

Dating back to 1924, Demeter is the oldest organic growers association in Germany and the one with the most stringent standards. Demeter represents the very best products, produced in line with the principles of holistic, biodynamic farming. In September 2023, we are launching a brand-new product range with three entirely new VIVANI Demeter chocolate bars. The Bean to Bar chocolate bars contain 100% Demeter-certified cacao sourced from the Dominican Republic, along with Demeter milk and German-grown Demeter beet sugar. Find out more about our special new “Fine Dark Milk 70% Cocoa”, “Superior Dark 80% Cocoa” and “Superior Dark Blood Orange 100% Cocoa” chocolate bars and discover the difference between organic certification and the Demeter label.

Why Demeter?

With our new VIVANI products, due to launch in autumn 2023, we are embarking on a brand-new journey when it comes to quality and standards within the chocolate industry. “As a pioneer in organic chocolate, we have never rested on our laurels. We are in a constant process of change”, explains Managing Director Gerrit Wiezoreck. “After switching to more eco-friendly packaging and launching our first direct trade cocoa project in the Dominican Republic, we spent many hours deliberating how we could do an even better job of living up to our claim of being a trusted ethical brand. Launching a Demeter-certified range of products is the next logical step”, continues Wiezoreck. After all, biodynamic and holistic farming is without doubt the most sustainable method of agriculture. As the strictest of all the organic labels, Demeter goes far beyond the standards of the EU organic label. By holding both certifications – i.e., the EU organic label and the Demeter label – we can now offer VIVANI fans even higher standards of quality than before.

VIVANI’s new Demeter products

It isn’t just the high-quality ingredients that make the new VIVANI chocolates stand out – they have something special up their sleeves in terms of recipes too. They are made with only the finest Dominican cocoa from three Demeter fincas with which we have established partnerships. The cocoa is processed in line with the Bean to Bar principle. This means that every single step in the process – from roasting the cocoa beans to producing the final chocolate bar – is completed by one company and takes place in the same chocolate factory. This represents a very high quality criterion for gourmet chocolate.

The “Fine Dark Milk 70% Cocoa” bar is an extraordinary, innovative chocolate bar. With a high cocoa content of 70% plus the use of milk, this milk chocolate bar offers a fascinating taste experience for fans of both milk and dark chocolate. Here, the smooth creaminess of a milk chocolate meets the low-sugar content and powerful cocoa aromas of a dark chocolate.

“Superior Dark 80% Cocoa” is the name of the new VIVANI Demeter chocolate bar that promises pure dark chocolate indulgence. The distinctive, bold flavours of the cocoa from the Duarte region in the Dominican Republic combine with a subtle sweetness to produce a quite unique chocolate bar.

Fans of VIVANI’s “Superior Dark 100% Cocoa” chocolate bar are recommended to try the Demeter bar “Superior Dark Blood Orange 100% Cocoa”. The unsurpassable cocoa content of 100% represents pure cocoa pleasure, featuring ingredients solely sourced from the cocoa bean. With zero added sugar, this bar is ideal for sugar-free nutrition. A tiny drop of blood orange essential oil adds a fine fruity note to complement the bold cocoa flavours.

What is so special about Demeter?

What sets the stringent Demeter label apart? How does biodynamic farming actually differ from other ecological farming methods? The concept dates back to philosopher and founder of anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner. In 1924, he presented his concept of biodynamic farming to interested farmers and pioneers during a series of lectures. The holistic concept was immediately put to the test on the fields and it quickly developed into a successful model that was then continuously developed to establish and retain fertile soil – one of the core objectives of Demeter. In order to create and maintain fertile soil, farmers need to ensure that they have the correct ratio of animals, arable land and plants on their farms: The animals produce the required amount of manure to fertilise the fields and the fields yield enough produce for humans and to feed the animals. In the best-case scenario, this results in a fully holistic regenerative and self-sustaining cycle, in which humans, plants, animals and the soil all work together as a living farm organism.

Did you know? In Ancient Greek mythology, Demeter was the goddess of fertility and farming.

Demeter farms are different from other farms

In order to achieve and maintain a closed-loop system, there are considerably more rules and regulations that need to be adhered to on a Demeter farm than on a farm certified in line with the EU regulations on organic production. Animals, in particular cows, must be kept to produce the manure required, but it is not just manure that is used to fertilise the land – compost and crop rotation also play a part within the Demeter philosophy. Working with so-called biodynamic preparations, which are made on the farm itself, is also mandatory. These measures all together create a thicker and more weather-resistant humus layer, which is in turn able to sequester more carbon and thus actively contribute to the fight against climate change.

Besides the environmental benefits of the humus soil, the biodiversity promoted by Demeter is another key contributing factor to protecting the environment. These days, ten percent of the entire acreage of a Demeter farm is dedicated to biodiversity in the form of wild flower meadows, field margins and other special areas which are not allowed to be farmed. According to the Demeter philosophy, a living farm organism shouldn’t just seek to provide a habitat for animals; they should also create spaces for people. There are wide-ranging concepts, for example to provide space for people requiring assistance, such as those with a disability, people suffering from addiction, the unemployed and the elderly. Besides finding a new home, they can also find work on the farm or in neighbouring workshops.

There are also lots of factors that need to be considered when it comes to processing the raw materials produced on the farm. The following principles must always be followed: In order to produce natural and unadulterated food, only very limited quantities of strictly necessary additives and processing aids can be used. Craftsmanship takes priority over technology and all foodstuffs should be processed as little as possible. Milk is a good example of this: it can be pasteurised but not homogenised.

Cocoa from Demeter fincas in the Dominican Republic

The fine flavour cocoa used in our VIVANI Demeter chocolate bars is sourced from the Duarte province in northeast Dominican Republic. The region is home to the three cocoa fincas of Los Palmaritos, Buena Vista and Los Molinillos. They all work to provide us with the finest organic cocoa, grown in line with Demeter standards. In order to achieve this, the three farms have fully switched to Demeter practices. They have introduced livestock to their farms and have set up holistic composting. Workers on the fincas have been specially trained and introduced to Demeter guidelines and farming methods. The first harvest is now ready and has been delivered and we are extremely proud of the very first chocolate bars from our new line of Demeter products.


VIVANI's superior

Fine Dark Milk
70% Cocoa

Santo Domingo Cocoa | Superior Dark | Biodynamic


Superior Dark
80% Cocoa

Santo Domingo Cocoa | vegan | Biodynamic


VIVANI's vegan Superior Dark Chocolate with 80 percent organic and biodynamic cocoa from the Dominican Republic
VIVANI's vegan Superior Dark Chocolate with blood orange essential oil and 100 percent organic and biodynamic cocoa from the Dominican Republic

Superior Dark
Blood Orange

100 % Cocoa Santo Domingo | vegan | Biodynamic


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