Belgian Seashell Pralines | Recipe

Delicious vegan nougat pralines with a maritime flair

Katharina Kuhlmann

Isabel Zühlke

29 May 2024

The so-called "Seashells" is a well-known praline format with a nougat filling and originally Belgian chocolate. The manufacturer Guylian is particularly well known and has been offering the various sea creatures and mussels since the 1960s. There are now many imitations and different varieties of the sweet treat. Our variant is vegan. In addition to the VIVANI Dark Nougat variety, we use the White Vanilla variety from our vegan sister brand iChoc for the light-coloured part. Why don't you join us on our Chocolate Journey to Belgium in August and enjoy these tempting sea pralines?


For about 20 pralines

3 bars

VIVANI Dark Nougat Chocolate

1 bar

iChoc White Vanilla Chocolate

3 tbsp

hazelnut butter

150 ml

vegetable cream

In addition:

Silicone mould shells (half-shell shape)


level of difficulty


Melt one dark and one light chocolate bar separately in a bain-marie and set aside.


Using a silicone brush, spread the two types of chocolate in the shell mould as desired to create patterns. Leave the patterns to cool briefly in the fridge.


Then pour a tablespoon of both types of chocolate into each shell mould. Turn the moulds over so that the chocolate is evenly distributed. Then place upside down on a piece of baking paper to drain off the excess chocolate. Once hardened, this chocolate can be used again.


Leave the resulting thin chocolate shells to harden in the fridge.


In the meantime, prepare the ganache for the filling. To do this, chop up the remaining two bars of dark nougat.


Bring the plant-based cream to the boil in a pan and remove from the heat. Add the chopped chocolate together with the hazelnut butter and dissolve in the cream. Then chill for 10 minutes in the fridge.


Pour the lukewarm ganache into the prepared moulds and leave to harden completely in the fridge.


Seal the finished pralines in the half-shell mould as desired. To do this, melt the leftover chocolate again in a bain-marie, leave to cool briefly and pour onto the praline mould. Smooth out with a kitchen spatula and leave to cool. Then carefully remove the pralines from the mould.

Tip: Store the finished pralines in a cool, dry place.

Click here for the vegan chocolate iChoc White Vanilla.

The vegan Dark Nougat Gianduja variety from VIVANI Organic Chocolate

Dark Nougat

Gianduja | vegan


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