Greeting cards made
from chocolate paper

for Easter, Mother's Day, birthdays...

Katharina Kuhlmann

Idea & concept:
© Sebastian Brand (EcoFinia)

19 March 2021

Where to put old chocolate wrappers? Our VIVANI bars have a very special design thanks to the paintings by artist Annette Wessel and are simply too good for the paper waste. Do you also have drawers full of beautiful packaging that you can't part with? Make something new out of them, e.g. DIY greeting cards for Easter, Mother's Day or many other events. Let yourself be inspired...

Turning old into new - DIY Upcycling Greeting Cards

Cards from the shop can be pretty, but self-made greetings are always more individual. You don’t need much and there are no limits to your creativity. Our results should only serve as inspiration.

You will need:

  • old chocolate wrappers
  • sharp scissors
  • glue
  • blank folding cards
  • decorative ribbon, e.g. cord or parcel string
  • stamps and ink pads

Create new shapes from old packaging

For our upcycling greeting cards, the existing art on the chocolate wrappers is reassembled by cutting them up. This creates new shapes that take the old colour and pattern worlds with them. You can cut out concrete shapes, such as little hearts, but you can also get abstract and create new patterns from different strips of paper, for example. With ribbons or strings, other materials come into play, making the cards more tactile. Ribbons are also a great way to connect or outline new patterns.

The occasion designs the card

Depending on the event, you should think about which matching elements you could create before you start crafting. Mother’s Day is coming up? Heart shapes or perhaps flowers are the right choice here. For Easter, of course, flowers are also suitable, or eggs and – if you are good at scissors – little bunnies or chicks. For an invitation to a party, perhaps the classic pennant chain is a good idea. As elements of a typical birthday congratulation card, the cocoa numbers from our noble Edizione Grande bars are a good choice. These numbers can also be cut up and used individually, so that almost any age can be covered. In addition, you can also further individualise each card with different stamps.