New: First range of organic truffles

The VIVANI “Truffes” pralines will be available to buy from September

Alexander Kuhlmann

© EcoFinia GmbH

1 September 2020

A dream of many years has finally come true. This autumn we will release our very first VIVANI truffles. We are so happy!

The first product will be a mixture of three different types of truffles: a chocolate with a creamy espresso centre for fans of dark chocolate, a praline with a fine hazelnut nougat, and a white truffle with a slightly tart yet fruity raspberry cream centre. All of the pralines are handcrafted by a traditional German company, using only organic ingredients. The truffles are packaged in a smart gift box with an elegant, minimalist design. The 100g box costs €9.99 – the ideal “cost of a present” for a small but lovely gift.

A little bit of chocolate bliss in this time of crisis

2020 was a strange year for us chocolate makers at VIVANI too. But it wasn’t a lost year. Besides a large increase in turnover during the coronavirus pandemic, we also managed to finally make our first collection of VIVANI pralines a reality, following a long-term plan. “We have been dreaming about launching our own range of organic truffles for a long time and many of our customers have been quite persistent in their requests for one. I don’t want to claim that coronavirus gave us the impetus we needed, but I am convinced that the high-quality pralines – our mini soul-soothers – will sell very well this autumn and winter”, explains Andreas Meyer, founder of VIVANI and managing director of EcoFinia GmbH. The large number of pre-orders suggests that this prediction could well prove to be correct. “We had to launch our second round of production after just a few days”, explains Meyer. “The first batch sold out that quickly.” The chocolate truffles are currently intended to be a seasonal article. But if they are successful, Andreas Meyer can see both the range and its availability being extended.