Kicking off the year
with six new products

Chocolate snacks, Demeter delights and Wafer Rolls

Katharina Kuhlmann

© EcoFinia GmbH

13 März 2024

The year is still young but it is already proving to be an eventful one for VIVANI. Six brand new products were recently presented at the largest trade shows for snacks and confectionery and for organic products in the world (the ISM and the BioFach trade shows respectively) – the most new products ever to be revealed at once in VIVANI’s history! Our range of chocolate bars will be extended with two new varieties: “Crème Brûlee” and “Wafer Praliné”. Meanwhile, the range of Demeter products is also growing, with a “Fine Drinking Chocolate” and a fat-reduced “Fine Cocoa Powder”. And that is not all. Our two types of wafer rolls – “Milk Chocolate” and “Dark Chocolate” – are making their debut in the biscuit aisle. All of these new products are now available for purchase in well-stocked health-food shops.

Twice the enjoyment with our new snack bars

The two chocolate snack highlights for 2024 are both delicious and exciting and, thanks to their small size, are an ideal chocolatey bite “to go”. The “Crème Brûlee bar transforms the classic French dessert into a chocolate bar. A delicate creamy filling meets crunchy caramel pieces, all covered in a heavenly layer of milk chocolate. Meanwhile, the “Wafer Praliné” is ideal for fans of nougat. In this bar, the delicious layer of milk chocolate covers a creamy hazelnut nougat filling combined with crunchy pieces of wafer. Fans of the “Almond Orange” and “Dark & Creamy” bars may need to sit down for the next piece of news: unfortunately these two bars have had to be swapped out of the range to make room for the new chocolate bars.

Two new Demeter products

VIVANI’s range of Demeter products was launched back in autumn 2023 with three large-format chocolate bars: Superior Dark Blood Orange”, “Superior Dark 80% Cocoa” and “Fine Dark Milk”. The reaction to these products – which combine an incredible taste experience with the very best environmental credentials – was so positive that we have been able to add two new Demeter products to the range already. The first new product is a “Fine Drinking Chocolate” with 50% cocoa content, sweetened with Demeter-certified German beet sugar. The second product is “Fine Cocoa Powder” – the first time that VIVANI has offered a fat-reduced, unprocessed (non-alkalized) cocoa powder. It is suitable for a wide range of uses, including as a hot drink, in desserts, in muesli and, of course, for baking. The cocoa used in these two new products is also a Demeter-certified, organic and fine flavour cocoa from the Dominican Republic. The cocoa can be traced right back to its roots and is grown on three cocoa fincas. We have worked together with Demeter e.V. and our cocoa partner in the Dominican Republic to convert these farms so they meet the strict Demeter requirements. You can find more information about this in our article on VIVANI’s first Demeter chocolates.

Breaking into the biscuit aisle with wafer rolls

In addition to chocolate bars and Demeter products, this year we are also launching a brand new product category for VIVANI. The biscuit aisles in well-stocked health-food shops will now be blessed with two varieties of crunchy wafer rolls from VIVANI. These wonderful snacks stand out from other similar products thanks to their remarkably high chocolate content. A whopping 52% of the “Wafer Rolls Dark and Wafer Rolls Milk” is made up of the finest organic chocolate, covering the delicious wafer in a luxurious chocolate layer.

The organic chocolate bar Crème Brûlée from VIVANI with milk cream and pieces of caramel

Crème Brûlée

With milk filling and caramel


Wafer Praliné

With hazelnut nougat and pieces of wafer


The organic chocolate snack bar Wafer Praliné from VIVANI with hazelnut nougat and pieces of wafer
The Fine Drinking Chocolate from VIVANI Organic Chocolate with 50 % cocoa content is vegan and certiefied biodynamic

Fine Drinking Chocolate

50 % Cacao | Biodynamic | vegan


Fine cocoa powder

Santo Domingo | fat-reduced cocoa powder | Biodynamic | vegan


The Fine Cocoa Powder from VIVANI Organic Chocolate is fat-reduced, vegan and certified biodynamic
Wafer Rolls with 52% dark chocolate from VIVANI Organic Chocolate

Wafer Rolls Dark

with 52 % dark chocolate | vegan


Wafer Rolls Milk

with 52 % milk chocolate


Wafer Rolls with 52% milk chocolate from VIVANI Organic Chocolate

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