Christmas Oat Chia Cookies | Recipe

vegan advent nibbles with gingerbread spice and chocolate icing

Katharina Kuhlmann

© Lea Green

7 Dezember 2022

The vegan oat chia cookies are a real eye-catcher decorated with VIVANI chocolate and colourful sprinkles

Our vegan Christmas cookies contain only wholesome ingredients, nutrient-rich chia seeds and coconut blossom sugar as an alternative to white sugar. Refined for Christmas with gingerbread spice and orange zest as well as ground nuts or almonds and garnished with chocolate icing and colourful sprinkles. Super quick and easy to make.


For 10 cookies

For the dough:

2 tsp

chia seeds

5 tbsp

oat or almond milk

100 g

(gluten-free) rolled oats

100 g

ground hazelnuts or almonds

1 tsp

baking powder

1 tsp

gingerbread spice (or cinnamon)

1 pinch


50 g

coconut blossom sugar


organic orange - grated

70 ml

virgin coconut oil

For the icing:

150 g

VIVANI Dark Cooking Chocolate

1 - 2 tbsp

coconut oil

green or coloured sugar pearls (as desired)


working time
20 minutes

baking time
12 minutes

waiting / cooling time
30 minutes

level of difficulty


Mix the chia seeds with the plant milk and leave to soak for 30 minutes.


Coarsely grind the oat flakes in a blender and mix in a bowl with the ground hazelnuts or almonds as well as baking powder, gingerbread spice, salt and coconut blossom sugar.


Add the soaked chia seeds, orange zest and coconut oil. Knead the ingredients into a dough with your hands. Shape into flat cookies and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper.


Bake the cookies in a preheated oven at 180 °C top / bottom heat (160 °C convection oven) for about 12 minutes. Then leave to cool completely.


Melt the cooking chocolate in a bain-marie and dilute with coconut oil. Dip half of the cookies into the chocolate. Decorate with sugar pearls if desired and leave to dry.

VIVANIs organic and vegan Dark Cooking Chocolate with 70 percent cocoa

Ciemna czekolada do gotowania

70 % kakao | wegańskie


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