Cappuccino Smoothie | Recipe

A delight in many varietys

Katharina Kuhlmann

Roberta Dall Alba

19 Juli 2018

Have you ever noticed that, whenever you mix banana with chocolate and milk, the magic happens? Having a smoothie is always a good idea, especially if it’s packed with nutrients like this one. It is the easiest, yet ultimate breakfast, snack or pre / post workout meal. The perfect on-the-go energy boost! Fill of with fibers, vitamins, healthy fats, healthy sugars, calcium and fuel up with espresso.


For one smoothie



160 g

milk or plant milk

25 g (one leaf)


1 tbsp


2 tsp

cocoa powder

1 level tsp

ground espresso (or instant espresso powder)

15 g

VIVANI Cappuccino Milk & White




Peel the banana and cut it into slices, then blend it in a food processor / blender together with the kale leaf and milk (or plant milk like soy or almonds’) for a few seconds.


Add flax seeds, a ground espresso, cocoa powder and ultimately a piece of VIVANI cappuccino chocolate to sweeten without adding any other sweetener. Feel free to make adjustments based on your taste (see below). Blend again until nice and smooth.


To make it richer add:
some unrefined coconut oil (it will change the flavor a bit) or
half an avocado

To make the most of this smoothie:
add more kale or spinach or
add even more superfoods (like chia seeds, nuts, berries…)

To make it crunchier:
just top the cappuccino smoothie with some cocoa nibs

To make it less thick:
add some more milk/plant milk

To make it super yummy (but with more sugar):
melt some VIVANI Cappuccino Chocolate and put it onto the smoothie


Thanks for this great recipe to Roberta Dall Alba from the Italian food-blog Healthy Little Cravings. We also love her fantastic cinemagraphs – real eye candy!


VIVANIs Bio-Schokolade Cappuccino besteht aus zwei Schichten: Vollmilch-Kaffee und Weiße


Vollmilch & Weiße Schokolade


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