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A good chocolate is much more than just a pure sweet. It is a valuable work of art. It is not simply produced, but is lovingly created through inspiration and passion. As a painter carefully chooses brushes, colors, and canvases, the same is true for the art of making chocolate. Every single ingredient is a splash of color, from the distinct signature of the creator, to the perfect staging of the object. All of this is crucial in order to create a work of art with a lasting and beautiful effect.

Art that connects people and brings happiness.

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Fairer Vivani Kakao:
Unser eigenes Kakaoprojekt

14 Januar 2022

Um die Situation in den Ursprüngen unseres Kakaos nachhaltig zu verbessern, engagieren wir uns seit 2020 gemeinsam mit zwei starken Partnern in einem eigenen "Direct Trade"-Projekt für besonders nachhaltig und fair erzeugten Kakao in der Dominikanischen Republik. Auf dieser Seite halten wir euch über alle aktuellen Entwicklungen auf dem Laufenden.
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