DIY drink decorations with chocolate wrappers

Upcycled decorations for cool summer drinks

Katharina Kuhlmann

Lisa Reck |

22 April 2021

Creativity is the flavour of the month. If you love upcycling and enjoy crafting, why not have a go at transforming our artistic chocolate wrappers into a stylish drink decoration to adorn your next round of cool summer drinks? They look great and are truly one-of-a-kind...

What you need for your DIY drink decorations:

· Some bars of Edizione Classica VIVANI chocolate (with paper wrappers), e.g. Fine Dark Peppermint

· Scissors

· Hole punch or eyelet punch

· Paper straw

· Double-sided tape

Instructions (see photos):

01. The pretty straw decoration is really quick and easy to make. First, cut some squares out of the paper (approx. 7 x 7 cm). Fold the squares like you would a fan.

02. Once you have your folded strip of paper, cut a small triangle out of each end. Then use a hole punch or eyelet punch to cut a hole above the tip of both triangles.

03. Fold the strips in half and tape together with double-sided tape.

04. For the final step, simply tape your new mini work of art to a straw – your DIY drink decoration is ready!


Tip: Decorate the straw to suit the drink, e.g. VIVANI Fine Dark Peppermint with a non-alcoholic Mojito (lime cordial, mineral water and fresh mint leaves).

VIVANI’s organic Fine Dark Peppermint Chocolate

Menta fina oscura

68 % Cacao Santo Domingo | con aceite de menta


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